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Its better to die for something than to live for nothing!


Erstellt: 12.03.2013

Some may have heard about this,
but very few have lived to talk about it.
Amongst the many clans that have died in this type of war,
one clan survives to share this rare experience.
A clan who has won many battles with the speed and accuracy of it ́s guns.
Some call them a myth,
others call them a legend.
But to those who have tasted the gunpowder of their every shot fired from their guns,
known them as....the German Bulls!


Nur für Verdiente und Alt­ein­ge­ses­se­ne Member der German Bulls Gemeinschaft

Zu den Aufnahmebedingungen bei den German Bulls gehören :

- min.18 Jahre
- TS Pflicht ab 19 Uhr
- mindestens 1400er WN8 - Recent < 1600
- 3 CW fähige Panzer

Ihr findet uns hier:
Homepage: Bewerbungsformular
Ts3 Daten : ts.german-bulls.de


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